A L O H A !

For over 10 years, I have been providing exceptional print, logo and website design on the Big Island and beyond. Building lasting partnerships with small businesses and nonprofits, I not only deliver strong design results, but also actively promote better business practice with design education.

 Influencing my career in graphic design is an architectural background (B. ARCH, Illnois Institute of Technology), and 15-year career. This path brought me to Hawaii in 2000, specializing in high-end, custom residential design while honing my design and technical skills, including a superb attention to detail.

In 2008, I followed a lifelong passion and transitioned to graphic design, where I enjoy being able to reach and support a broader audience with the power of design, further supporting our commnunity.

Balancing life at the computer is a love of exploring nature, whether camping at Kiholo Bay, hiking, or trying to maintain a garden in my backyard.